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Crime Tips & Prevention

(Editor's Note: This page is considered a reference page with different links so that the reader can read statistics and prevention techniques for some crimes that citizens may encounter. Remember to always call 9-1-1 if you see a crime in progress -- never attempt to stop a crime in the progress of being committed by yourself.)
Bullying is a very big problem occurring in schools today. This is not something that can be ignored any longer. Recognize signs of bullying and was to prevent it from happening by visiting:
Domestic Battery
Domestic violence related calls are one the most frequent and re-occurring crimes that law enforcement officers come in contact year-after-year. These calls are extremely dangerous calls because most offenders/suspects fundamentally believe that they have right to punish /discipline their family in whatever way they deem necessary. Please read the following links on domestic violence abuse statistics and prevention techniques along with other helpful information: and
(Reminder: Never attempt to stop a crime in progress, always call 9-1-1.)
Community/Neighborhood Watch Programs
A community/ neighborhood watch program is a very helpful tool in every area. Unfortunately the local law officers can be in every area at once. 
If your neighborhood sets up a watch program and tells it's members what to be looking for, as well as the pertinent information to get. You can advise neighbors that you will be out of town and them to keep an eye on your property -- it can be a wonderful asset. 
If you see a suspicious vehicle try to make out the color, make, model, any distinguishing marks on the vehicle and, if possible the license plate number, are helpful to law enforcement as well. 
The same holds true with suspicious individuals in your neighborhood. Get a description of what they wearing, race, physical description and direction of travel. 
(As always if the incident requires immediate attention call 9-1-1.)